If I forgive you once, don’t mess up twice. —(via icanrelateto)
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Camila I can’t dance Cabello. +


Amoo con la vida pisar las hojas secas que se caen de los árboles en serio me hace tan feliz su sonido, se que es infantil pero si es el mejor placer simple de la vida para mi.

Somos el recuerdo de algo que nos está olvidando. —(via hachedesilencio)


So the sky was gorgeous tonight

I think I’m confident about every aspect of my career, sometimes. But I’m never always confident. I’m never always confident about my songwriting. I’m never 100 percent confident about anything that I do. And I think that keeps you growing. And I think that keeps you motivated. I never want to get complacent and I never want to be 100 percent confident about any skill that I have. It’s just not the way I think and not the way that you grow.




So i’ve been seeing these sort of things on tumblr and I decided I’d do one with my parents. Haha

P.s. my dad thinks he’s tumblr famous because of this post. (x)

I had to add Tom Hiddleston… idk how I missed him!!! i must have been on crack or something.

"he looks like he shits rainbows"

@justinbieber: If u can’t laugh at yourself u are missing out on a lot of laughs. Don’t be so serious.



one time i when i was like 7 or 8 i had this babysitter who was like really spaced out and a bit of an odd ball, she probably had a couple joints before she came over but anyway she let me watch ghost hunters but then i couldn’t go to sleep and i started crying because i scared of ghosts and then…

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it’s been 4 years…